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  1. This is one of the best explanations of this problem. It is worth reading and meditating on. The addiction is hard to get over but it can be done. It can take years but once overcome you become a whole person, a better judge of character, and you learn not to rush into friendships without examination of observed behavior. Watch how any person treats others and take it seriously. Some signs are subtle and should not be ignored. Don’t ignore what ex wives, girl friends, friends, brothers, sister, parents say. It can be the best warning you receive.

    1. Thank you. I completely agree with you. People show you who they are, but we often project who we want them to be instead of reading those signs. You not only become a better judge of character, but your gut instincts become sharper and you start to steer away from those who are no good for you. In fact, they start to veer away from you too, as they instinctively get that you know and seek someone more vulnerable to be manipulated instead. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. I find myself feeling lonely and isolated following feeling empowered and liberated after leaving my violent husband just over 12 months ago now. The pain I feel has been overwhelming. My husband tells me that he loves me and that he misses me and makes me feel guilty for placing our whole family in this new position ( I have 3 teenage children). He tells me that he is trying to forgive me. At the same time he has a girlfriend who incidentally has left a violent relationship! When I see him I feel vulnerable and week and enjoy his closeness. I then feel so ashamed of myself that I am so weak and conflicted. Cold Turkey sounds like the only way to go for me. Thank you for your inspiration. I am so grateful that I have discovered your blog! Janine.

    1. There is no need to feel ashamed Janine. We all feel this way. Leaving an abusive relationship is tough. They know which buttons to press and it does feel easier to go back to them and feel that love again, to take the pain away. But it will only be temporary relief and the cycle will start all over again. The pain of withdrawing can be overwhelming at times, but keep putting one foot in front of the other. Feel the emotions, as painful as they are. It is better to feel them and process them, than to suppress them and focus on them and not you. Do one thing nice for yourself each day. You will get there and it will get easier in the long run. I’m so glad you have joined me here. Stay strong.

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