Many of you have asked: ‘when are you going to post video?’  And I have had such an overwhelming response to my Daily Mail feature article that I thought it would be rude not to!  So, here goes.

I know, I know, it’s too long, but forgive me, I’m new at this.   Actually, that’s bollocks!  I was a News & Current Affairs Reporter and Foreign Correspondent for more than a decade… BUT… this is different.  This is ME.  Not me as a Reporter crossing live from Tiananmen Square in China on President Clinton’s meeting With Jiang Zemin.  But ME being ME which is a whole different ballgame!

How did I do? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Written by Vivian McGrath

Vivian McGrath is a TV Executive Producer who makes documentaries for major US, UK and Australian broadcasters.  She is also a survivor of domestic violence.  Her book ‘Unbeatable (How I Left a Violent Man)’ – her story of surviving abuse to finding success in love and life – will be published soon.  She hopes this blog will help others to become strong, fearless and successful too.  Find out more about Vivian Here.

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