How to get over a controlling or abusive relationship.... even when you still love them & feel the intense pull back to them.

How to Stay Strong and not go back or into another abusive relationship!  How to trust again and, dare I say it, start dating again!

Let me tell you what Survivor to Staying Strong is all about...

In this course, Survivor to Staying Strong, you will:

  • Deal with the pain of withdrawing from a controlling or abusive relationship
  • Thaw out after being numb (protecting yourself) for so long
  • Understand why you are attracted to abusive types and stay
  • Know why you feel sorry for your abuser
  • Learn why you have low self-esteem and how to heal it
  • Stay strong when the pull back to them is so intense
  • Break the cycle and your unhealthy addiction to them
  • Learn how to Forgive yourself and them and move on
  • Learn how to trust again
  • Avoid going back to them or into another abusive relationship
  • Stay strong and take your first steps towards living the life you love


  • Have you left or are thinking about leaving an abusive relationship? 
  • Are you struggling with the pain of withdrawing from the relationship?
  • Trying to make sense of what happened and why? 
  • Are you wondering why you were attracted to someone who hurt you? 
  • Why you stayed when others wouldn’t, even after abuse? 
  • Are you confused by why you feel sorry for them & put their pain and needs above your own? 
  • Do you feel an intense pull back towards your abusive partner, even when you know they are no good for you? ✓
  • Do you find it hard not to put them and their needs above your own, even after they’ve treated you badly?
  • Are you scared of trusting again?
  • Fearful of dating again? 
  • Do you always pick the wrong partners, the ones who are no good for you? 
  • Are you yearning for long-term healthy love with someone who doesn’t hurt you?


- Four Training Modules -

Module One: Breaking Free

The Five Stages we go through when leaving abusive relationships. How the dynamics change when we start to change ourselves and what to expect. Why we keep going back to them, even after they've hurt us. Why we need to go Cold Turkey and cut all contact if we can. How to do this, or to deal with them if we can't. What happens to us emotionally after we leave?

Module Two: Thawing Out

What happens when it's safe for us to feel and express our emotions for the first time? What you will feel after being numb for so long. How to cope with the painful withdrawal of leaving an abusive or controlling partner. How to let go and overcome the fear of an unknown future without them. What if I'm still struggling? Why do I feel sorry for my abuser? Why we need to work on the cause of us being in an abusive relationship, not the symptoms. To prevent us repeating the pattern with another abusive partner.

Module Three: Being Still

What happens when are still for the first time? Why it is so important for us to be still. How to face our inner shame and understand why we feel this. Learn how a lack of self-worth was instilled in us in childhood. How to nurture your inner child. Discover the path to self-love. Learn how healthy people behave. How to forgive ourselves, our parents. How to forgive your abuser, if you can.

Module Four: Staying Strong

How to break the cycle so that you don't go back to them or into another abusive relationship. How to unlearn unhealthy coping strategies from childhood. How to develop healthy coping strategies so that you are ready for a healthier relationship. How to rewrite your story and change your negative perception of yourself. How to change your perception of them as well. How to set healthy boundaries. Dating after abuse and trusting again. How to trust your gut. How to see and listen to the little miracles that will change your life.

Similar to the video at the top of this page, each Training Module in this course contains professionally produced, bite-sized Videos, easy-to-watch on mobile or your computer at any time, and at your own pace.

There are also Workbooks to support each module - all of which you can refer back to whenever you like!

- Support via a Private Facebook Group -

There is nothing like the power of community to get through something and stay strong when the going gets tough.

The Facebook group for this course (optional to join) is set to SECRET and you’ll be able to connect with others who are making the same journey as you. This is a very safe, non-judgemental space.

You’ll also be able to ask me questions here, to get extra support between the video training modules.

That said, this course is NOT just a Facebook Group, so you do not need to join the group to get the full benefits from this program. It's simply an option that many enjoy. 

We have a lot of compassion for what you are experiencing and look forward to supporting you with awareness, patience, and guidance through this time. 

- Lifetime Access as a Valued Alumni- 

Although the course itself runs for 4 weeks, I’m giving you Lifetime Access to the material so that you can come back to it over and over again, at any point in the future. 

You will also maintain access to the secret Facebook Group to stay connected to your new support system.

What Alumni are saying about Start With Me... 


 Start With Me: Victim to Survivor student 


Before doing this course I felt lost, confused, with lots of doubt. I needed some guidance and confirmation what I'm feeling is normal and there is a life after a long abusive relationship. The physical abuse is easy to forget, it's the verbal and emotional abuse that is much harder. Now I feel reassured. It’s taught me to keep believing and fighting for what is right. It's making me start to change my thinking on what I want for the future. It's changing old habits. I will be taking her next course.”


 Start With Me: Victim to Survivor student 


Before doing this course I was feeling lost and scared. Hearing Vivian’s experiences that there can be life afterwards, you can change this and build something better, has been really helpful for me. Somebody can tell you in theory that you’re doing really well and you’re going to get there but when you can see somebody has actually done that, it makes it a bit more real in your head. It’s straight-forward and very relatable. Being in the FB Group was great too. I had joined one before, but there was a victim mentality where they just blamed their exes. Whereas, this feels very positive and supportive and it’s focussed on you and listening to yourself. I’m looking forward to starting her next course."



I was barefoot, seven months pregnant and bleeding from the cuts on my legs where my ex had dragged me over broken glass. He did this after strangling me until I fell unconscious. I thought I was going to die that day.

When I finally found the courage to leave I was a young, single mother. I had to help myself. It took me years of heartache and hard work to understand why I was attracted to him, why I stayed after he turned violent. How to break the powerful drug-like pull back to him and not go straight into another abusive relationship. How to go from victim to survivor.

But I found the truth was within me. That knowledge changed my life. I went on to find success in my life, television career and long-term healthy love. You can too.

Don’t waste your energy trying to fix a narcissist or waiting and hoping an abusive person will change. Don't let another month or year go by without doing what you can to make SURE you are in a healthy relationship. Life’s too short.

I know for a fact that taking my Start with Me course will open your eyes to where you are now. And start laying the foundational awareness within you to help you create the life you want. Imagine going from fearful victim to empowered survivor!

Don't wait. Start Now. Start with Me. You deserve it.


  • I'M CONCERNED ABOUT THE COST / I can't afford it

If you're like I was, you've spent many wasted years in an abusive relationship. You’ve now found the courage to leave or are planning to, which is the first step. Unfortunately it took me years of heartache coming to terms with why I was attracted to - and stayed with - a person who hurt me.

But you don’t have to! This course is designed to take you through the exact steps I took to turn my life around, and you'll be able to learn these powerful steps in only a matter weeks (instead of months & years!). 

The course is designed to give you access to each module over 4-weeks. The videos are bite-sized, easy to watch on mobile or your computer at your own pace. There are workbooks to go with them, as well, that you can refer back to whenever you like.

You also get lifetime access to the course, so you can pause at any time, and come back to it when you're ready!


Leaving an emotionally or physically abusive relationship is not the end, it’s just the beginning. In some ways it’s the most painful part.

• Are you wondering why it hurts so much?
• Why you feel more sorry for them than you?
• Why you feel compelled to go back to them?

It’s time to take you focus off them and the relationship and put it back to where it belongs. On healing YOU. Otherwise you’ll just keeping going back or into another dysfunctional relationship.

Breaking the cycle and the journey to recovery begins with a single step. That first step was all it took for me to change my life.

By choosing to enroll in this course, you declare TODAY
as the day you start to take control of your destiny. 

Imagine your happiness no longer depending on others. No longer choosing partners who are no good for you.Being free from the pain of unhealthy relationships and finding the happiness you long for and deserve. This all begins with a single choice to start.

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Avoid these dating mistakes! 10 warnings I'd give my younger self.

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Staying Strong, step-by-step with support...


 Start With Me: Victim to Survivor student 


Vivian took me through step-by-step which was more coherent than me flying around the internet and getting bits and pieces of knowledge. It was written in a nice, coherent fashion. What helped me the most is knowing that other people are going through the same thing. Hearing Vivian’s experiences and knowing that there can be life afterwards, you can change this and move on. There’s so few people I can tell about this, without sounding crazy. Vivian listened to me in the FB Group. Her responses and that of others doing the course alongside me, were validating for me. I’m looking forward to the next course!”


 Start With Me: Victim to Survivor student 


Vivian has created a warm and safe place. She is inspiring and her attitude is an example for me. I’ve done other online courses, it was different to those. It was almost like a book, with a lot of knowledge. She was very supportive in the FB Group too. I could easily identify with her as she’s been through it and the way she talks is very good for me. How she sees things and has recovered from it. It gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to be in a healthy relationship too. That it all starts with my relationship with myself. I really liked it a lot, Vivian. Thank you very much for this course!”

One full payment of USD $199 - save 10%

Get Start With Me: Survivor to Staying Strong for 4 monthly payments of USD $55

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