How to go from Victim to Survivor like me.

I look back at this photo and see a pretty young girl.  I can’t believe how insecure I was then.  How I believed I deserved it when I became a victim of domestic violence.

After my ex almost killed me, I ran for my life.   I was barefoot, pregnant, bleeding from the cuts on my legs, having been dragged over broken glass, from the things he’d smashed earlier.

I was in shock as I walked past two neighbours, who both looked away and didn’t help me. Back then domestic violence was swept under the carpet. I had to find my way from Victim to Survivor the hard way, on my own. But I did it and turned my life around. I found success in life and my career and long-term love with a man who is still my best friend.

I’m excited to tell you I’ve created my first ever online video course, to help those of you who are going through what I went through. To take you on the same journey I took. To show you how you can change your mindset from Victim to Survivor in just a few weeks.  So that you can:

  • know if you’re in an abusive relationship
  • understand the tactics narcissists use and how NOT to be manipulated by them
  • decide if the relationship’s good enough for you or if it’s time to leave.

Don’t wait another day or week without doing everything you can to be sure you are in a relationship that is good enough for you. Live the life you love and one you won’t look back on with regret. Life is too short. Doors are now open to: START WITH ME: Victim to Survivor  Join now, you deserve it.   Watch my VIDEO here:

Follow me and why not try my FREE QUIZ to find out if your relationship is good enough; if you need to focus more on you, not them; and are ready to take your FIRST STEPS TO FREEDOM?

Written by Vivian McGrath

Vivian McGrath is a TV Executive Producer who makes documentaries for major US, UK and Australian broadcasters.  She is also a survivor of domestic violence.  Her book ‘Unbeatable (How I Left a Violent Man)’ – her story of surviving abuse to finding success in love and life – will be published soon.  She hopes this blog will help others to become strong, fearless and successful too.  Find out more about Vivian Here.

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