How to change your mindset from Victim to Survivor (without expensive counselling) in just 4 weeks

How to become an empowered survivor and start walking towards living the life you love

You will finally...have a powerful process to guide you how to:

• Know if you’re in an abusive relationship
• Understand if loving them has become an unhealthy addiction for you
• Learn the tactics narcissists use and how not to be manipulated
• Decide if the relationship’s good enough for you or if it’s time to leave

The same journey I went through and changed my life with.
Imagine going from fearful victim to empowered survivor like I did. Now you can!


  • Are you unsure if you’re in an abusive relationship?
  • Are you confused by mixed signals your partner is giving you: one minute they love you, the next hurt you?
  • Are you being manipulated by a narcissist?
  • Are you always told you are to blame for their bad behaviour?
  • Are you changing your behaviour, to avoid their anger?
  • Is your head saying run, but your heart begging you to stay?
  • Are you fearful of them, yet afraid of losing them at the same time?
  • Do you find it hard not to put them and their needs above your own, even after they’ve treated you badly?
  • Do you feel sorry for them, responsible for them, or guilty at the thought of leaving them?
  • Are you feeling trapped, with no way out?
  • Are you feeling powerless, as though you are controlling the uncontrollable?
  • Are you missing the old you and want your power back?


There’ll be 4 modules in total:

Module One: How do you know you are in an abusive relationship, even if there’s no violence? We will cover how to determine if this relationship is right for you. Common warning signs, patterns and behaviors that signify an unhealthy or abusive relationship. Guidance on how to listen to your gut when things don’t feel right.

Module Two: We will examine how the cycle of abuse works. How they hook you into the destructive vortex. How the cycles of highs and lows lead to an unhealthy addiction to them and what’s known as co-dependency. We will cover what a narcissist is and the tactics narcissists use to manipulate and control you. You’ll come away with a better understanding of whether this is a healthy relationship.

Module Three: How to Start with Me. How to put your needs and wellbeing first. How to accept what you can’t change, change what you can and how to know the difference. How to step off the merry-go-round and not be walking on eggshells or taking the blame. Learn how to protect yourself from being manipulated or controlled. How to separate your head from your heart to see clearly through chaos and confusion. How to decide if this relationship is truly good enough for you.

Module Four: Assessing your level of danger. How to know if an emotionally abusive relationship may lead to violence. What are the signs that warn you this relationship could turn fatal and your life may be in danger? Is it time to leave and if so, how? I’ll also be laying down the foundation of your next steps towards freedom. Laying the groundwork for why it’s so important focus on you, whether you choose to leave the relationship or not.


  • How much time will this take?
  • IS this course going to mean I leave my partner?
  • Is this a safe space?
  • Why have I created this course now?
  • Why would I invest in this course when I can access free resources on the internet?
  • I'm concerned about the cost, what if my budget is limited?

I get that you truly may not have the means to invest in this. However, I hope you are not using money as an excuse to avoid facing the truth. Remember, this step is about you simply learning more. Being able to walk yourself through a series of questions carefully designed with insightful questions. These will bring you more clarity and confidence amidst a situation that may feel very tangled and confusing. How much is your happiness worth? Over the course of 4 weeks, this course equates to only USD $1.75 per day - less than the cost of a cup of coffee! You deserve this.

I am offering to personally guide you through the steps I know work as they eventually led me to finding success in love and life. I want to be that person I wish I had when I was young. To help you navigate the emotional layers and terrifying threats we face being in an emotional or physically abusive relationship. To show you there is life after abuse.


Every journey begins with a single step. It was the hardest step for me, but taking that first step was all it took to change my life. By choosing to enroll in this course, you declare TODAY as the day you start to take your power back. Imagine no longer being manipulated by a narcissist. No longer feeling as though you are controlling the uncontrollable. Going from fearful victim to empowered survivor. This all begins with a single choice to Start With Me.

EJEllume Inc.

Boy, did this strike a chord deep inside of me! Thanks for putting a finger on something that I always knew all along but didn't want to admit to myself. What a true blessing and guardian angel you are for all those who have been/are victims of our own demons."



I was barefoot, seven months pregnant and bleeding from the cuts on my legs where my ex had dragged me over broken glass. He did this after strangling me until I fell unconscious. I thought I was going to die that day.

When I finally found the courage to leave I was a young, single mother. I had to help myself. It took me years of heartache and hard work to understand why I was attracted to him, why I stayed after he turned violent. How to break the powerful drug-like pull back to him and not go straight into another abusive relationship. How to go from victim to survivor.

But I found the truth was within me. That knowledge changed my life. I went on to find success in my life, television career and long-term healthy love. You can too.

Don’t waste your energy trying to fix a narcissist or waiting and hoping an abusive person will change. Don't let another month or year go by without doing what you can to make SURE you are in a healthy relationship. Life’s too short.

I know for a fact that taking my Start with Me course will open your eyes to where you are now. And start laying the foundational awareness within you to help you create the life you want. Imagine going from fearful victim to empowered survivor! Don't wait. Start Now. Start with Me. You deserve it.

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