I’m Vivian McGrath, a successful television Executive Producer.   I tell other people’s stories in documentaries for major British, US and Australian TV networks.   Now I’m ready to tell my own. It’s a story many of my colleagues don’t even know about me.  

I was just 22 and seven months pregnant the day my Ex nearly killed me.  He squeezed his hands tightly around my throat, his eyes fixed in a cold, murderous stare.  A voice cried out.  It was mine, but it wasn’t me.   A horrific rasping sound, squeezed out on my final desperate breaths of air, was begging him for my life.  I thought I was about to die that day.

When I found the courage to leave that destructive relationship, I walked out with nothing but my baby and what could fit in my car.  I had to rebuild my life as a single mother.   It was one of the darkest, toughest times
of my life.

But that’s just a small part of my story.  Yes, I’m a survivor of domestic violence.   But I’m not defined by it.

The more important part of my story is its happy ending.  How I went from being a victim to a survivor. From a survivor to a success story.  Forging success in life, love and my career.

The power to change it was within me all along.  You have that power to rewrite your story as well. 

I guess you’re here because you feel – or have felt – like I once did:

  • Unsure if you’re even in an abusive relationship?
  • Confused by mixed signals you’re getting: one minute they say they love you, the next hurt you?
  • You’re just hoping and wishing they would change?
  • Your head says to leave, but your heart begs you to stay?
  • You’ve left an abusive relationship, but struggling to cope with the pain?
  • Trying to make sense of what happened and why?
  • You’re wondering why you always pick the wrong partners? The ones who are no good for you?
  • Scared of trusting again? Fearful of dating again?

I know your pain.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.    

Don’t waste your energy trying to fix a narcissist or waiting and hoping an abusive person will change.
Don’t let another month or year go by without doing all you can to make sure you are in a healthy relationship. Life’s too short.  

Imagine going from fearful victim to empowered survivor?  Staying strong and finding freedom?  Don’t wait.  Start now. You deserve it.

Find out more about my career in television here.   Find out more about my book – Unbeatable: (how I left a violent man) – here.